MUM SAYS Yvonne Lim shares about #2 and AJ

Your favourite actress Yvonne Lim announced last month that #2 is on the way! So we rushed to find out the deets and catch up on Alex junior…


1. Congratulations on #2 — are you hoping for a boy or a girl?Thank you for the well wishes, I do not know the gender yet as, in Taiwan, [the doctor] can only reveal the gender later.

2. How is your pregnancy experience this time around — are you experiencing more or fewer symptoms?
The pregnancy is going well but I do feel tired more easily as I have to manage AJ and move to our new house in Taipei...

3. Are you doing anything differently with this baby than with Alex Junior?
I guess it’s the same, taking it easy and eating whatever I want!

4. Do you have an action plan for coping with your two? 
Not being afraid to ask for help if needed and not try doing everything on my own! Any volunteers [to help me]? Haha! I’m afraid I’m the sole caregiver when Alex is at work and vice versa if I’m at work; we are very hands-on parents.

5. How are you preparing Alex junior for his sibling? Is he excited?AJ is still trying to get used to the idea of it, even though we have been telling him so.

6. Who’s the disciplinarian?
Inevitably throughout the parenting process, it turns out to be me! I believe in teaching good values and building a good foundation.

7. Who’s your parenting guru?
My sisters and my close girlfriends