Pregnancy sex ― What’s it really like?

Pregnancy doesn’t have to spell the end of sexual intimacy. Keep things steamy at every trimester with our expert advice.

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If you watched the movie Knocked Up, you’ll remember the hilarious scene when pregnant Allison (played by actress Katherine Heigl) and her baby-daddy Ben (played by actor Seth Rogen) decide to “get it on”. Allison is self-conscious about her fuller figure and Ben is reluctant to do the deed for fear of “poking” the baby. The whole experience is awkward and ends disastrously, leaving both parties feeling frustrated and unsatisfied.

Sure, the scene was dramatised for its entertainment value, but it does provide an honest look at pregnancy sex. It offers glimpses into what we’ve all wondered at some point in our lives ― what’s it like doing the horizontal mambo with a baby belly in the way?

You’re pregnant because you had sex, but being pregnant doesn’t always lead to sex. In fact, many couples try to steer clear of any hanky panky during those long nine months as they’re not sure how to combine the two.

Here’s some good news though: Unless you are medically directed not to, you don’t have to cut out your action in the boudoir simply because you’re with child. In fact, there are a multitude of benefits to having sex while preggers ― you don’t need birth control (LOL!), while the endorphins released during orgasm will relax you. Some studies even indicate that the more orgasms you have, the less likely you are to deliver a preemie.

But how exactly is one to go about this bedroom business when a human being is growing inside you? We’re glad you asked!

“There are many ways to be sexually and emotionally intimate without penetration… incorporate role play, dress up, vibrators, and male sex toys from penis rings to masturbators.”


WHY YOU MIGHT SAY YES TO SEX… The minute that pregnancy test shows positive, those hormones are going to start surging through your body, making you feel horny. In fact, one of the earlier signs of pregnancy is an increased sex drive. This could be due to a variety of reasons, notes SmartParents ob-gyn expert Dr Christopher Chong. “Your body is going through many changes ― the lining in your vagina and clitoris is thinner and more sensitive, more blood is rushing to your vagina as well, causing more sensation, plus your breasts swell up and your nipples become more sensitive,” he adds.
WHY YOU MIGHT SAY NO TO SEX… Because morning sickness is in full swing and you’re too busy puking your guts up and feeling sorry for yourself. Plus, your breasts may be feeling really tender (hands off, buddy!). Some women might also be scared of having sex for fear of miscarriage, especially if they are spotting, which is common in the first trimester.
EXPERT ADVICE… Your body is looking pretty much the same at this point, so you won’t face any physical challenges. If your doctor has given you the all clear, don’t waste precious time already…let’s get ready to rumble! Scared of inducing a miscarriage? Penetration isn’t the only way to enjoy sex, says Dr Chong. Concurring, clinical sexologist Dr Martha Tara Lee adds, “There are many ways to be sexually and emotionally intimate without penetration… incorporate role play, dress up, vibrators, and male sex toys, from penis rings to masturbators. Also, there are options of one-way sex and mutual masturbation.”

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