What does your baby's name say about you

Are you creative or straitlaced? A wallflower or an attention-seeker? What you name your sweetie says a lot about you!    

Choosing a name for your baby is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever have to make. But did you know that bubba’s name reflects your values, tastes, as well as the dreams and ambitions you have for her? If we’ve piqued your interest, read on!


William or Alexandra

The Traditionalist… You prefer names that have been out of favour for decades and even centuries. Royal baby names appeal to you, too — perfect for your future princess!

BABY’S MOST LIKELY TO BECOME... A doctor or lawyer.

WHAT THIS CHOICE SAYS ABOUT YOU... You’re a diehard. While there’s not a lot of imagination or innovation in your name choice, everyone’s going to accept it. Your baby’s name will also stand the test of time.


James, Lucinda or Charlotte

The Sentimentalist… You trawl the family tree looking for old-fashioned names — it could be great-grandpa Anthony or a distant aunt called Ida.

BABY’S MOST LIKELY TO BECOME... A teacher or lecturer.

WHAT THIS CHOICE SAYS ABOUT YOU... You’re not only honouring someone who was important in your life, you'll be giving the new generation a connection to an ancestor they’ll never meet. There's also a strong desire to carry on your lineage and in extreme cases, this can get narcissistic. Did you know that boxing legend George Foreman named all five of his sons George?


Otis, Blake, Arizona or Lulu

The Hipster… You only choose names that are either inspired by music, art or geographical locations. To show how cultured and well-read you are, literary characters (Atticus from To Kill A Mockingbird) or old-school rock stars can spur your imagination. By the way, if you hope your kid really stands out from the crowd, you can turn to plant and food names like Juniper, Clover, Maple (what’s not to like?), Olive and of course, every hipster’s favourite superfood, Kale!

BABY’S MOST LIKELY TO BECOME... A blogger or freelance designer.

WHAT THIS CHOICE SAYS ABOUT YOU... You’re the latte-sipping, thrift-store-shopping, social-media-savvy hipster who shops organic, makes your own baby food and will most likely homeschool junior.


Unique monikers like naming your child after a fruit or a direction (or two! — North West, anyone?), will make heads turn.


Asher, Nehemiah, Ezra, Faith or Bethany

The Bible Baby… If you come from a devout family, it’s highly likely you’ll select names that have their roots in sacred references. Some longtime favourites — Jacob, Isaac, Moses, Joshua and Samuel, or Leah, Naomi, Abigail and Sarah for girls — have meaningful stories behind the names. But there are artistes who have made some out-there choices in this category, like rocker Pete Wentz who named his son Saint Lazslo!

BABY MOST LIKELY TO BECOME... A social worker.

WHAT THIS CHOICE SAYS ABOUT YOU... You signal your Christian faith by choosing names of Old Testament prophets. The non-religious choose theirs because they want an unusual name that doesn’t sound made up.


Skye, Wren, Blossom or Willow

The Eco-Centric… You prefer nature-inspired names like River, Soleil or Summer Rain. You don’t mind selecting names associated with exotic blooms like Azalea or Camellia, or granny-chic ones too, like Rose or Lily. But you might want to think twice about naming your child Sage Moonblood (Sylvester Stallone’s son).


WHAT THIS CHOICE SAYS ABOUT YOU... You’re a free spirit. You enjoy the outdoors and want your child to develop an appreciation for its beauty. You are also into conserving energy, recycling and sustainable eating. You’re quite likely to have green fingers, too.


Zed (Fann Wong’s son), Ashton or Zoe

The Celeb Wannabe… You crave the star power of the celebrities, so you’ll dig trendy and unique monikers like naming your kid after a fruit, a direction (or two! — North West, anyone?) or pick a name from a surname, like Jolie.

BABY’S MOST LIKELY TO BECOME... Writer, poet or musician.

WHAT THIS CHOICE SAYS ABOUT YOU... You select one-of-a-kind name, so people will sit up and take notice. But will you still like the attention if your child is called Moxie CrimeFighter (daughter of American comedian Penn Jillette), Audio Science (son of actress Shannyn Sossamon) or Tu Morrow (daughter of actor Rob Morrow)?


Delphine, Amelie, Leora, Stellan or Jonas

The Continentalists… European- sounding names are always in vogue — they sound exotic, yet don’t come across too outlandish or eccentric, like Ezio or Paloma.

BABY’S MOST LIKELY TO BECOME... A model or fashion designer.

WHAT THIS CHOICE SAYS ABOUT YOU... You are well-travelled and like to be perceived as cosmopolitan.


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