You can see your bump growing day by day, but this is what’s happening inside your growing baby belly…


Congratulations, you’re pregnant! From seeing the telltale signs on the pregnancy test and picking out baby names, to decorating the nursery, the next nine (or 10) months is going to be an exciting time for you, the hubs and everyone else involved.

Another thrill is watching your baby bump grow about 2cm wider and bigger every week or so. This is a good sign that everything is progressing as it should.

Whether it’s your first or fourth pregnancy, each one will be a unique experience. Don’t forget to capture this very special stage of your life with pictures and videos, because once the pregnancy is over, you’ll rely on these mementoes to relive those precious moments.

Prenatal visits aside, you’d also want to track how well your pregnancy is going. To help you along the way, we present interesting and helpful titbits about your condition.

Infographic: Paulyn Ng


Photo: iStock

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