Awkward pregnancy questions you’re too shy to ask [Video]

What you wanted to know about your lifestyle and health while preggers, but were too afraid to ask…

If there’s ever a time you’re majorly confused about what’s going on with your body, it’s when you’re pregnant

Growing a human being inside of you can raise all kinds of doubts, mostly because you fear the unknown. And this fear never seems to subside, even with your second or third pregnancy, since no two pregnancies are alike.

To ease their minds, many expectant women are encouraged to write down their burning questions and their ob-gyn to answer them during regular prenatal checkups. However, not all questions are easy to put to your doctor, especially when it involves sex and bodily functions!

We hear you mums! To save you from those blushes, we ask those questions on your behalf. Watch the video below to see if your burning pregnancy question/s have been answered. No? Then leave your questions in the comments section below for our doctor to tackle.

This video is sponsored by Mead Johnson.

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