Celeb Couple George Young and Janet Hsieh: We’re not baby people!

Parents-in-waiting, actor-host George Young and his equally gorgeous wife Janet Hsieh, talk pregnancy cravings, baby kicks and diaper duty…

You may know George Young from Mediacorp Channel 5’s game show “Million Dollar Money Drop” back in 2011, but the British-Chinese actor-host will soon be cradling something far more exciting.

The 37-year-old FLY Entertainment artiste, is expecting his first child in October with his bubbly Taiwanese-American TV personality wife, Janet Hsieh, 37. The couple tied the knot in an exotic wedding destination Antarctica in January 2015.


Young has been busy with auditions and meetings in Los Angeles, as well as shooting a movie in New York with Hsieh, but he adds, “Project Baby has been steadily growing and becoming more of the focus with each passing week.”

The glowing mum-to-be hasn’t taken a back seat either ― Hsieh has been busy working and filming movies, doing a bunch of commercials, as well as launching a web show and a small business. Nor does she intend to take too long a break after baby comes as she’s keen to “continue traveling and working”.

One thing they both agree on is that they want to spend as much time together as possible before baby comes. Hsieh adds that she’s trying to get through the pregnancy in one healthy piece and not focus too much on the future. “Either that’s a genius thing to do, or we’re going to be so overwhelmed with parenthood that we’re both going to go crazy,” she laughs.

Between their jet-setting lifestyle and busy schedules, the celeb pair fills SmartParents in on their baby prep details!

Hi George and Janet, thanks for talking to SmartParents! How do you feel at this point in the pregnancy?

Janet: I’ve been so, so lucky (knock on wood!) with the lack of vomiting during the first and second trimesters. I’d say the biggest thing that has been happening and which is currently keeping me awake at night are horrible calf cramps ― my whole leg will spasm for anywhere from a few seconds to minutes! It’s quite painful and I’ve cried because of it.  Oh, and I sometimes accidentally pee when I sneeze now.


And you, George ― are you prepared for fatherhood?

George: There’s basically an analog dial display in my head. On one end there’s the word “Excitement” and the other there’s “Panic”, and the measuring hand swings wildly back and forth between the two.

When is baby expected to arrive, and do you know the baby’s gender?

George: Our baby’s due in the first week of October, and yes we’re keeping the baby’s sex a secret from everybody...including ourselves! We decided in the first trimester that we would like to keep it a surprise as there’re not that many surprises as wonderful as hearing “it’s a girl!” or “it’s a boy!” when a child enters this world. So, we’ve told the doctor no spoilers please, thank you.

There’re not that many surprises as wonderful as hearing “it’s a girl!” or “it’s a boy!” when a child enters this world.

Aren’t you curious at all?

George: Well, we love hearing everyone’s guesses, and we love trying to figure it out ourselves through various and completely unscientific means. Janet and I both have a feeling it’s a boy... I’m sure it’ll be our kid’s first of many times proving us wrong.
Janet: I’m secretly hoping for a baby girl but shhhh…don’t tell the baby that!
George: When we’ve said that we’re not going to find out the sex of the baby, some people have replied, “How are you going to know what colour to paint the nursery? Or what colour clothes to give it? Blue or Pink?” Um… colours are not gender-specific! I love the colour pink, and Janet loves blue!