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Not sure what name to give your little one? This useful tool has great suggestions for you!

Expecting but fretting because you just can’t seem to decide on a name for your little one? Your child’s name counts as it will affect them in the career, as well as how they are treated by their peers when they grow up.

In a UK survey, 20 per cent of parents regretted their baby’s name choice. If you don’t start looking into it now, you might become an unfortunate statistic.

If you are mulling over what unique name to give your baby, get great ideas with this baby naming tool.

Simply select the trait you wish your child will possess and the tool will generate several interesting choices for you. Try it now and you might receive a small gift for your little one!

Here’s a perfect tool for you, to personalize a meaningful name for your child.

This widget is powered by Cryoviva Singapore.

Established in early 2014, Cryoviva has an extensive list of happy parents who have trusted their services and stored their baby’s cord blood with them. As a group, Cryoviva has more than 100,000 cord blood units successfully stored in their regional facilities.

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