“Vomiting non-stop made my pregnancy a living hell”

Instead of enjoying her pregnancy, severe morning sickness turned Thilaga Linggam’s life into a nightmare…


“A few months after our son Yuvaraj turned 4, my husband and I were super-excited to find that we were pregnant again. We couldn’t have been happier to expand our family.

Since the pregnancy was a total surprise to us, the first symptom that made me suspect I might be preggers was the nausea. It started at around four weeks. During this time, I also noticed that my urine had a very weird smell. It was strong and pungent.

During our visit to the gynae to confirm the pregnancy at five weeks, I highlighted my symptoms to her and she was said it was normal. I was prescribed anti-vomiting pills. We left the doctor’s office excited for the future.

Although the nausea continued, after suffering morning sickness for five months with my first baby, I wasn’t expecting anything else.

However, the nausea started getting worse as the days went by. It plagued me the entire day. The worst were the mornings ― I would vomit right after using the toilet and one more time after brushing my teeth. It became a daily morning ritual for me and I started to dread waking up.

Since, I was still able to eat simple meals I hung in there. I kept telling myself it was just a bad case of the morning sickness, which would soon pass. My mother mentioned that she went through something similar, so it had to be normal I thought. I wasn’t feeling 100 per cent but I still went to work and took care of Yuvaraj.  

“At my lowest point I remember feeling depressed and wondering if the pregnancy was worth it. I was feeling very bad and the end was nowhere in sight.”

Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, week seven rolled in and made me change my mind.

At this point, I had lost count the number of times a day I’d spent throwing up. I couldn’t keep anything down, not even water. I didn’t have much of an appetite but knew I had to eat something to nourish my baby. So, I forced myself to eat small portions of healthy snacks like bananas and dried apricots and prunes.

Nothing stayed down. Although this was two years ago, I can still remember how those dried fruit tasted when they came up. At this point, I just couldn’t bear the thought of putting anything in my mouth anymore, but that didn’t stop the retching. I was vomiting bile because my stomach was empty.

I felt weak, tired and sick all the time. I couldn’t go into the office anymore and sadly, I wasn’t even able to take care of my son. I stayed in bed four days straight. Besides bathroom breaks and mealtimes, I spent every other minute in bed. Thank goodness my parents were able to take care of Yuvaraj. 

At my lowest point, I remember feeling depressed and wondering if the pregnancy was worth it. I was feeling very bad and the end was nowhere in sight! I had no idea how long this phase would last. I didn’t even know what it was! It was a very trying time for me, to say the least.