YES 933’s Siau Jiahui preps for baby’s arrival

We catch up with an excited and about-to-pop Siau Jiahui, who spills the beans on her parenting plans.


Things have certainly happened very really quickly for YES 933 DJ Siau Jiahui. After walking down the aisle with her mysterious “Mr T” in November last year, her baby is about to arrive any day now. The bubbly radio personality, who declines to reveal her age, chats with us about her baby prep.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! It must be a really exciting time for you…
Thank you! Yes, baby is coming really soon ― I’m at 37 weeks now, and the baby is due in mid-September! It’s a baby girl, but we haven’t chosen her name as we’ll be getting feng shui master to choose an auspicious one for her.

You got pregnant really quickly after your wedding was the pregnancy planned?
We actually wanted to try for a baby right after our wedding, though we didn’t think it would happen so quickly. Some of our friends took a few months or even half a year to conceive, so we wanted to start right away ― we married late and aren’t exactly young anymore! If I hadn’t fallen pregnant within six months, then maybe we would have sought help from a doctor. But surprisingly, I got pregnant within the first month!

Wow! Was it a honeymoon baby?
(Laughs) We took our honeymoon in Italy and Prague, but no, this baby was made in Singapore after the honeymoon. When my period was late, I told my husband, hey, maybe I’m pregnant. We kept our fingers crossed and only took the pregnancy test one or two weeks later ― and then we were like, oh okay, we’re pregnant!

Has it been a smooth pregnancy?
I was just so tired during the first trimester. After work, I would literally just pass out on the couch ― something I don’t usually do. It was a state of extreme fatigue. During the second trimester, I actually fell ill twice and I felt that my immunity was at an all-time low. It was tough for me physically and emotionally, because I didn’t want to take Western medicine but I had to as I was feeling horrible. Plus, the flu and fever was affecting my work. I really didn’t want people to think that when you’re pregnant, you can’t perform well at work.

          I really didn’t know that the immunity of expectant mums could be so low ― since then, whenever anyone was sick, I would really, really stay away! I At this point, I find that protecting my baby and myself is more important!

Do you have any pregnancy superstitions or beliefs?
(Chuckles) They say you can’t do things like using the scissors on the bed, or cutting things. But that’s okay, if I need to, I will just get my husband or family to do those things for me. Coincidentally, my new house came at the end of my second trimester, so much of my third trimester was spent on home preparations. People have advised me to stay away from renovations, so I only went over on Saturdays when the workers stopped working. When they moved in big furniture like the bed and dining table, I would run off downstairs and leave my husband in charge.

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