Protect your tot from the haze

Take sensible steps to keep your little one safe from polluted air.


The haze is threatening once more — in the mornings, the SmartParents team can smell the burning scent in the air.

            Children are especially vulnerable to the polluted air because their immune systems are not yet fully developed. So, look out for these symptoms in your little one.

  • Itchy, watery or red eyes.
  • Runny nose, nose congestion.
  • Dry/sore/irritated throat and dry mouth.
  • Headaches from swollen nasal passageways and congested nose.
  • Breathing difficulties.

            Aside from keeping the doors and windows closed at home, and ensuring that your children drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated, Dr Kenny Pang, a Ear Nose & Throat Specialist at Asia Sleep Centre, has this advice for keeping your children safe:

  1. Minimise outdoor activity if the PSI levels above 100 (the unhealthy range).
  2. Avoid outdoor activity if the PSI levels are higher than 200 (the very unhealthy range).
  3. If it is necessary for children to be outdoors, use a mask.
  4. Use HEPA air purifiers at home or in the child’s bedroom ― HEPA filters are effective in trapping allergens and can capture particles as small as 0.3 microns.

            He adds, “Keep newborns and infants indoors as much as possible.”

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