Elmo brightens the world one giggle at a time!

It’s non-stop chortles as the beloved furry red Muppet drops in on the Little Red Dot to spread feel-good messages.

If you thought you spotted Sesame Street’s Elmo bopping around the Lion City over the weekend, you weren’t seeing things.

The philanthropic muppet was in town to promote his latest project ― the “Spread Kindness, #ShareTheLaughter” campaign. A topic that’s very close to Elmo’s heart, this Sesame Workshop global initiative aims to promote kindness across the world.

The lovable 3½-year-old red monster has also kicked off a tell-a-joke challenge that encourages everyone to post a YouTube video telling their favourite joke. As with other viral challenges, it must be passed from person to person and has even seen celebs like singer John Legend and Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) jumping on the joke-telling bandwagon. This is to instil valuable qualities such as sharing, empathy and altruism in kids from a young age in their young audience. SmartParents catches up with the charming cutie to learn more.


Hi Elmo, welcome to Singapore! How have you enjoyed your stay so far?

Elmo loves Singapore! I went on the night safari at the Singapore Zoo with my Mommy and Daddy. Also, I love the puff pastries here.


Tell us more about the Spread Kindness, #ShareTheLaughter campaign

Elmo is spreading kindness through laughter by telling jokes. If people can make each other laugh, then they will be happy and kind. Elmo’s friends on Sesame Street and around the world have been helping him!

“If people can make each other laugh, then they will be happy and kind.”


What have you been doing in Singapore as part of this campaign?

Elmo has been making a lot of new friends and telling jokes to everyone he meets. Do you want to hear a joke? What did the toast wear to bed? Pa-JAM-as. Haha!