Visit one of these awesome play spaces when you go shopping!

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Parents of little kids will know just how difficult it is to shop with your young ‘uns in tow. Thankfully, many malls here have just the thing you need – an indoor or sheltered playground for kids to refuel, recharge, so they’ll agree with mummy that shopping is fun, after all!
Rain or shine, these play spaces are a godsend when junior starts to get cranky. So, scroll through our gallery to find these best kept shopping secrets, just for all the mummies and daddies out there.

Causeway Point

WHERE: Level 2, 1 Woodlands Square

WHAT: Head up to the 2nd floor of this popular neighbourhood mall, and your kids will be more than delighted with not one but two sheltered playgrounds. The older ones will make a beeline for the Train Terrace playground. The unique train-like climbing structure comes with lots of steps, as well as two slides. Babies and toddlers will love the second playground – known as the Jungle Terrace – where they can explore the “jungle trail”, discover and climb on exotic animals and safari vehicles. We love the brightly coloured playthings, plus, the smooth and rounded edges of the structures make it a safe play space for your little ones. Both playgrounds aren’t air-conditioned, and note that they will be closed in the event of rain or haze. For sunny days, there’s also now an outdoor dinosaur-themed water playground on Level 7, filled with slides, spring riders, trampolines and more. 


WHERE: Level 3, 2 Jurong East Street 21

WHAT: Head up to the Outdoor Garden Plaza at Level 3, and you’ll be thrilled to find a huge wet and dry (sheltered) playground. There’s an impressive play structure with winding slides, a rock climbing surface, bridges, tunnels and a merry-go-round. The more adventurous kids will love the “flying fox” glider, balance beam and a huge 7m-tall treehouse (this structure isn’t sheltered). We love how spacious the plaza is, and how there are structures for both the younger and older kids.


WHERE: Level 5, 313 Orchard Road

WHAT: Located just outside the food court on the fifth floor, this small hidden gem is the perfect place for you and your kids to take a short break and recharge from all that shopping. Floors are padded, with playground equipment being low to the ground and safe for younger children.

Marina Square

WHERE: Level 3, 6 Raffles Boulevard

WHAT: Your kiddos will jump for joy at this fantastic play space located at Level 3 of Marina Square, right outside Mothercare. While you’ll be thankful for the air-con and the seats for parents, children will have fun at this space-themed pop-up with mini ramps and slides designed in extra-terrestrial style. Kids will be able to crawl and climb around the main play structure and enjoy interactive boards. 

Lot One

WHERE: Level 6, 21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4

WHAT: At Lot One’s rooftop, you’ll find a dry playground that’s sheltered and perfect for kids of all ages. While the playground formerly had a wet play area as well, it has been renovated, it now only has a dry area with 2 climbing structures and a hammock swing. 


WHERE: Level 5, 50 Jurong Gateway Road

WHAT: If you live in the West, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to mall playgrounds. But one that we really like is JEM Play. Located at Level 5, it’s a sheltered play space with a huge fan, which means you get a nice breeze, even on the hottest days. There are brightly coloured climbing structures that are angular (but still safe), with interesting textures, in the shape of mudskippers. The play area is great for toddlers, and older kids might prefer a larger netted climbing structure located nearby (this one isn’t sheltered, though). Best of all, the play space is located right outside the food court, so you can grab a cuppa while watching the kids play.

Tiong Bahru Plaza

WHERE: Level 3, 302 Tiong Bahru Road

WHAT: Inspired by iconic Singapore playgrounds of the 1980s, the main play structure here is in the shape of a bird, since Tiong Bahru is known for its old-school bird-singing corners. Kids will also have fun climbing the hammock forest and horizontal ropes, as well as playing on music panels, the trampoline and the see saw. The playground includes inclusive play elements, such as handicap ramps on the merry-go-round, so even children with special needs can enjoy it. It’s located outdoors but mostly shaded.

City Square Mall

WHERE: B1, 180 Kitchener Rd

WHAT: You might have already been to the huge outdoor playground outside City Square Mall, but for rainy days, head down to Basement 1 where you’ll find a smaller play area that’s comes with a little treehouse and slide, as well as spring rides. City Square Mall’s amenities, like baby seats in toilet cubicles, diaper changing stations in both male and female toilets and nursing rooms also make it great for family day-outs. (Photo: BYKidO)


WHERE: Level 5, 290 Orchard Road

WHAT: Most parents are familiar with Paragon’s Level 5, where you’ll find many kid-related stores, including a massive Mothercare outlet. Another reason to love going there is the playground that comes with slides, ladders and tunnels. The play area has padded floors to keep the kids safe, as well as seats for parents to watch their kids as they play.


WHERE: 317 Alexandra Road, or 60 Tampines North Drive 

WHAT: This popular furnishings store always thinks of its littlest customers! While you shop away, you can leave them to play at Småland – a magical forest-themed playroom where you’ll find spider webs, a large spruce tree, and a ball pit. There are staff to mind the children, who need to be between 0.9m to 1.2m to play. The only catch: You can only leave your young ‘uns there for an hour a day.

Suntec City

WHERE: Level 3, 3E Temasek Boulevard

WHAT: Located at Level 3 of the East Wing at Suntec City, this padded play space comes with a slide, tunnel and ladder – which is plenty enough for the little ones. Toddlers will also enjoy touching and feeling sensory boards, or playing at the spring rides. We love the natural lighting and spaciousness of the area.