7 sure-fire tips to make your toddler smile for photos

SmartParents’ stylists Lim Jae-Lynn and Paulyn Ng share seven easy ideas for when you’re trying to get your toddler to smile for the cameras!

7 sure-fire tips to make your toddler smile for photos

1) Try a physical challenge like asking your tot to jump on the spot on the count of 3 — you can jump along and ask who did it better?

2) An oldie-but-goodie is ensuring that they have their favourite toy at hand.

3) Sweets/snacks are easy to “bribe” kids with, but you don’t want your little one to expect a bribe each time they smile. That’s a slippery, tooth-decaying slope.

4) Your tot will always laugh when you act the fool or make silly faces with them. Time to break out the fingers-up-the-nose and the tongue-out things.

5) Talk to your child, make the session fun while explaining that it’s to take a picture that they will get to see really soon (thank you, digital photography!). Snap a couple of test shots and let them see it, and they can get excited about posing.

6) Chat with your young star about their favourite toys/TV characters/food/songs. That always makes them smile.

7) Play their favourite songs and sing along with them — throw in some funky dance moves and let them laugh!

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