Best weaning foods you DIDN’T know about

Give your tot a good start on their lifelong eating journey with cleverly chosen munchies!


Your tot will most likely start weaning after their sixth month, to get more nutrients (for example iron, zinc, vitamins A and D) in addition to drinking milk.

          SmartParents spoke to Meave Graham, paediatric dietitian at Child Nutrition Singapore, and Charlotte Lin, senior dietitian at the National University Hospital, for the best weaning foods to offer bubba.

          Once your child is able to start taking solid food — especially if they are actively following your spoon/fork while you eat and making smacking motions with their lips — it is best to start them on homemade food instead of processed, store-bought ones.

          Do not give them foods high in processed meats, sugar, salt and fats; you should also avoid the few (liver as the vitamin A content in liver is too high, bran, unpasteurised cheese, and so on) that might harm your little one. Instead, give them fresh foods that have been minimally processed as you want to ensure that they strong inside to experience more together.

"It is best to start them on homemade food instead of processed, store-bought ones."

          Besides starting him off on rice cereal (which can be mixed with your tot’s favourite milk), introduce the suggested foods to your tot one at a time. Also, make sure to have short breaks between each new food item that you offer. Provide foods that feature a variety of flavours and not just sweet fruit and veg. This will expose bubba to the various food tastes and textures, so they will be more accepting of it.

          Here are examples of best weaning foods recommended by Graham and Lin:
          *Puréed cooked vegetables — potatoes, gourds, spinach, green beans and broccoli/cauliflower, as well as the ever-popular carrots.
          *Puréed fruits — besides the usual suspects like banana and steamed apples and pears, offer papaya, watermelon and avocado.
          *Mashed cooked fish or eggs.
          *Mashed soft proteins like silken tofu and cooked lentils.

          These foods are all healthy and contain important nutrients such as calcium, iron, vitamins A and C, B-group vitamins and other nutrients required for bubba’s development.

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