BUYERS GUIDE Top child car and booster seats (90–135cm)

Keep your tot — from about age 2 and up — safe. Remember that car seats are classified by child’s height.

Lugging around a car seat can be cumbersome but it just might save junior’s life especially in a car accident.

          The Automobile Association of Singapore reminds us all that an individual who is not securely buckled in a vehicle will be slamming into any traffic barriers with the same force as someone hitting the ground after “jumping from the third storey of a HDB block”. Even if driving at 50kmh (what many think is “driving slowly”).

          And some parents might presume they can “hold their children” — from our previous story, BUYERS GUIDE Baby's Car seats (below 90cm), the force pulling the baby/child out of your arms would start with what feels like the weight of three baby elephants. Good thing then, that when securely fitted, a child restraint can reduce serious injuries in accidents by 67 per cent and fatal injuries by up to 75 per cent!

          Besides saving the life of your precious one, note that it is also a violation of the law not to have your child be seated in a suitable child restraint, if he is below the height of 135cm. Anyone caught flouting this rule will be liable to pay a $120 fine and/or have three demerit points to his name — the same penalty also applies to any unbelted adult.

          There are three broad categories of car seats for tots — booster seats, high-back boosters with harness or without harness. High-back boosters with harnesses are for the lower end of the range, toddlers nearer the 90cm. You may choose to remove the harness once mini-me hits preschool age.

          The booster seats are used to help your little one adjust to sitting in the passenger seat without any assistance upon reaching the legal height limit of 135cm. These should work fine with the normal three-point passenger seatbelts, too.