Should you delay your child's preschool entry?

The experts dish the pros and cons of delaying preschool and if you’re making right choice for your mini-me!


It’s every working parent’s dream to spend more time bonding with their offspring. Indeed, the toddler years just seem to whizz by in a jiffy.

However, with dual-income families a norm, juggling work and caring for your mini-me is a common situation. So, parents look to helpers, babysitters/relatives, or childcare centres for caregiving help.

Enrolling your offspring in a preschool with nursery and even kindergarten classes ensures that your child takes part in activities that will enhance their development. Attending preschool gives your mini-me the chance to…

* Socialise and make new friends Your little one will make new friends and hone their communication skills. They will need to learn how to share and play nice with their peers.

* Get used to going to school Preschool programs are similar to Primary school in many ways. For instance, your tot will need to get used to a schedule and routine and being away from you or their caregivers for an extended period of time.

“As long as the child is outgoing, curious, open to trying new things, communicative and expressive — these signs shows that [they should be ready for preschool].”

* Learn a variety of subject basics Preschool programmes, including in kindergarten, will help your child master the basics in subjects they’ll be taking on in Primary 1. They’ll pick up mathematics, language — in both writing and speech — science and other topic essentials.

* Have fun and be creative There will be lots of craft activities to keep your tyke busy as well as opportunities for them to sing and dance with their peers.

Incidentally, there’re no specific guidelines that’ll help you decide if your child is ready for preschool. Insights Mind Centre psychologist Daniel Koh notes that different children develop at different rates and there are no concrete signs to determine academic readiness. “As long as the child is outgoing, curious, open to trying new things, communicative and expressive — these signs show that [they should be ready for preschool].”