8 smart tips for stress-free weaning

Are you stressed over weaning? We bring you more tips to starting your baby onto solids. Here’s how…

8 smart tips to wean your baby1
Starting solids is one of the most exciting times in your baby’s life! 

However, the introduction of new tastes and textures can also be stressful for both babies and parents, since you’re constantly worrying about whether he’s eating enough, or if you’re doing things “right”. Some prefer to start with puréed fruits and veggies, while others may want to take the baby-led weaning route. Whatever you choose, we’ve got tips on weaning your baby, plus, how to make the transition to solids a smooth one.

1. Mealtime = Playtime
Allow your baby to “play” with and explore his food while eating. Exploring different shapes and food textures is a great way to help him develop his hand-eye coordination and chewing skills.

You can even be creative with your plating ― pick brightly coloured tableware, like Philips Avent’s BPA-free toddler-mealtime set, to up the visual stimulation level during meals. Choose utensils that provide an easy grip for little hands, so your peewee can hold this spoon himself (it doesn’t matter whether he actually spoons food into his mouth) as he develops his self-feeding skills.

Milk feeds are still an important part of your baby’s diet until he’s a year old.

2. Give her a cold spoon
Feeding you baby can hit a roadblock, especially when her gums feel uncomfortable because she’s teething. "When my daughter is teething, she refuses to eat," says Tania Goh, 33, mum to Isabelle, 7 months. One way to help her soothe those sore gums, is by using cold spoons. "I keep spoons in the fridge. Then, when I use one to feed her, she happily takes it,” says Goh.

3. Keep up the milk
Milk feeds are still an important part of your baby’s diet until he’s a year old. It will be his main source of nourishment, so solids during the first year are only meant to complement milk feeds, not to replace them. With this in mind, you’ll also feel less anxious about the amount of solid food your baby is taking!