Make it: 3 yummy power breakfasts for junior

Let junior start her day on a bright note with these fast-to-make and good-to-eat breakfasts of champions!

It’s tough putting healthy meals on the table ― and into your picky eater ― every day of the week. This is especially true on weekend mornings when everything is still a mad rush, junior is fussing and you need a few minutes to blow-dry your hair into submission.

If you’ve found yourself tossing a granola bar at your toddler and calling it breakfast more often that you’d like to admit, then you’d be happy to know help has arrived at last!

These kid-friendly recipes will have you whipping up delicious and nutritious power breakfasts in 30 minutes or less. They are bite-sized for an on-the-go snack and great for lunch boxes as well. 

French Toast

Serves four
Prep time: 25 minutes 

Top tip! It’s okay to use whole eggs, although egg substitutes provide protein without the cholesterol in yolks. This can be important even for kids.

3 eggs or ¾ cup fat-free egg substitute
¾ cup vanilla soymilk
½ tsp vanilla
8 slices wholegrain or raisin bread
Powdered sugar or fresh fruit, if desired 

1.      In a medium bowl, beat eggs or egg substitute, soymilk and vanilla with a hand beater, or whisk until smooth. Pour into a shallow bowl.
2.      Spray skillet or griddle with cooking spray, then heat skillet over medium heat or griddle to 190 deg C.
3.      Dip bread in egg mixture until completely soaked. Place in skillet. Cook about 4 minutes on each side, or until golden brown.
4.      Sprinkle servings with powdered sugar and top with fruit.

Two more super-easy and delish recipes coming right up!