Don’t have a “proper” bento box but want to jazz up junior’s lunch? We show you how to improvise with the best!

Got a standard lunchbox but wanna do the kawaii bento thing? We show you how with cupcake holders and a bit of imagination…

Try these appetising tips to assemble an awesome bento lunchbox for junior:

· Types of food Include carbs, protein, fruit and veg to ensure that your peewee is getting adequate nutrition from all the main food groups.

· Use colour Colour not only provides visual impact but nutrients, too. Use tomatoes and strawberries for a punch of red; cucumbers, peas or broccoli for a dash of green. You can get yellows from corn or pumpkin, and blue or black shades from blueberries, seaweed and mushrooms.

· Use shapes Those cute cookie cutters you have? Use them to create all sorts of engaging shapes with ingredients like carrots, potatoes and cheese.

· Up the kawaii factor By using cling wrap to encase the rice, bread or other foods, then stick “eyes”, a “nose” and a “mouth” made of paper on these.

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