Getting tot to eat veggies

Veggies makes a balanced meal, but what can you do to get your child to love them?


“Eew, yuck, disgusting!”. Sounds familiar? If your child reacts to a colourful plate of vegetables in this way, rejoice! IKEA has a new dish on its menu – Veggie balls – which it describes as “Not as yucky as veggies, and just as good for you.” Dr Kalpana Bhaskaran, nutritionist at Singapore Nutrition & Dietetics Association (SNDA) offers tips and tricks to get your little ones to love their veggies.

1.       Disguising vegetables in food items. Food ideas include grated vegetables in omelettes, frittata, quiche, savoury pancakes, mashed vegetables in soups, sauces and vegetables as a part of meat stews.

2.       Positive role modelling by parents and older siblings who enjoy their veggies

3.       Involving children in food preparation will help them to appreciate vegetables. The preparation process – such as cooking, boiling, steaming and frying – gives children an opportunity to taste vegetables cooked using different methods. Parents can share the names of different veggies and how they are beneficial to our health while children can learn to have fun with their food.

4.       Explain the importance of vegetables for a healthy body via interactive formats such as storytelling, videos etc

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