BUYERS’ GUIDE: Best childproofing products to check out

Is your mini-me newly mobile? We’ve rounded up great kid-proofing products to secure virtually every corner of your home.


Don’t think that your home is the safest of all places. In fact, some 60 per cent of childhood injuries were sustained at home from 2002 to 2004, according to the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Nor is it difficult to see why so many toddlers are getting hurt. 

Your kewpie is a bundle of insatiable curiosity from the get-go. From the time she starts to stand on two wobbly feet, she’ll be peeking behind cupboard doors and doodling on your once pristine walls. Before you know it, she’ll be grasping at every knob or handle in her attempts to pull herself up. She’ll also be thrilled to explore her newfound ability to pull open doors, drawers and toilet lids.

Yet, cupboards and drawers may house dangerous items like sharp knives and toxic detergents. Incidentally, a basin of water in the toilet can pose a possible drowning hazard, since a mere 5cm deep can be lethal for your tot! So, make sure to childproof your home before disaster strikes. Unsure what you need to do? Get down on the ground to spot likely problem areas such as sharp corners or trailing cables. Don’t let your child’s curiosity and desire to explore turn into a tragedy ― safeguard your kiddo’s well-being with these products!


3M Cabinet Locks
PRICE $8.90/pack of two
FROM Agape Babies
WHAT 3M has a longstanding reputation for producing strong and sturdy adhesive products that leave no visible damage on removal. Made with non-toxic and BPA-free materials, just give the surface of your cabinet a good wipe before slapping on these locks with double-sided tape, one on either side. Suitable for use with toddlers aged 1 and above. 
PARENTS SAY PY Chua, a mother of two, says the locks kept her baby from opening the kitchen drawer. But when she removed it, the lining of her cabinet also came off.

3M Multipurpose Locks

PRICE $10.90/pack of two
FROM Agape Babies
WHAT This best suits one-sided cupboard doors as the locks ― made with non-toxic and BPA-free materials ― are flexible enough to stretch across the entire cupboard. Attached to the piece of furniture using double-sided tape, it’s suitable for use with toddlers aged 1 and above.
PARENTS SAY A Ng, a mother of two toddlers, says this is great if you have glass cabinets. Your tot won’t be able to pry open these cabinets easily, which prevents them from breaking.

3M Corner Guards

PRICE $10.74 for a pack of four corner guards
FROM Agape Babies
WHAT Once baby is on his feet and moving about, you’ll need to consider sharp pointy corners like the edges of a table or chair, which can cause cuts and bruises. You can mount these cushiony L-shaped, non-toxic and BPA-free guards easily on various surfaces. These corner cushions, which come in brown and grey, are attached to your furniture with adhesive tape, which are include. By the way, you can even cut them to the size you prefer. Suitable for babies 6 months and older. 
PARENTS SAY Ng notes, “Before we got the stickers, my daughter knocked herself against the edge of a table and ended up with a big bump on her head.”

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