How to cut your toddler’s hair yourself [Infographic]

Check our guide to help you cut your sweetie’s hair in the easiest and safest way possible.


Getting your peewee his or first haircut can be quite a daunting experience. Many tots loathe having to sit in a salon chair and letting a stranger fiddle around with their mane.

But you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, especially when those luxuriant locks get unruly.

One option is to trim junior’s hair yourself ― more relaxing home environment aside, it’ll save you a pretty penny.

Dry hair often looks shorter than the damp hair.

Here are some tips to get you started. 

·         Get the right tools You’ll need good pair of stainless steel shears, a plastic cape, a spray bottle for wetting your child’s hair, and a wide-tooth comb. A waterproof high chair is also a good idea, so you can bring your munchkin to a height that’s comfortable for you.

·         Prepare some distractions Your tyke is going to have to sit reasonably still for a fair amount of time, so download his favourite shows on your iPad, or prep some audio books. Also, dangle a reward (a piece of chocolate should do the trick!) for a job well done for later.

·         Make sure he’s in a good mood This means that your child should be well-rested and not hungry, so he won’t be cranky.

·         Keep the hair damp This lets you judge how balanced your hair cut is. But remember, however, that dry hair often looks shorter than the damp hair.

·         Don’t stretch hair It’s tempting to pull the hair taut before you snip, but don’t do this as it will result in a cut that’s too short.

Ready to take the plunge to be your little one’s personal stylist? Use our infographic as a guide!