Wonder if sanitisers are safe for young children and babies with the current increase in usage during COVID-19? 


As parents, we always want what is best for our children to keep them safe and healthy. 

Frequent hand washing and the use of hand sanitisers help to decrease exposure to viruses and are highly encouraged especially during this pandemic. However, some parents may wonder if sanitisers are safe for young children, especially babies.

We will discuss how regular hand sanitisers work, why it may not be safe and a revolutionary new technological breakthrough which offers gentle, continual protection even for babies.

High Alcohol Content

Regular hand sanitisers usually contain high alcohol content between 60 to 95%. To put things into perspective, most beers contain only 5%, and even whiskies have only 40% alcohol content. 

If your child has handled or swallowed a teaspoon or more of hand sanitiser, symptoms such as vomiting, irritated eyes, sore mouth and tummy ache may develop. Alcohol in the sanitiser may also lower her blood sugar and is highly toxic to the liver.

Therefore, while generally safe for adults, it is not safe for children, especially babies. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) typically recommends not using them on infants.

Harsh Chemicals

One common alternative ingredient used for non-alcohol hand sanitiser is benzalkonium chloride, a harsh chemical which at high concentration levels are toxic to humans. Even at lower levels of concentration when used in hand sanitisers, it may cause allergic reactions such as rashes, itching and peeling skin.

Naturally, this will not be ideal for babies and young children whose skin is more tender and fragile.

Prolonged Sanitising and Hand Washing

Even for adults, frequent and prolonged sanitising and hand washing may result in:
1. Aging and wrinkly hands
2. Dry and flaky skin
3. Irritated, red and inflamed skin
4. Contact dermatitis 

All the more, you can expect the impact and damage to young children’s skin to be even more pronounced. Evidently, regular sanitisers are not suitable for young children, especially babies. 

Revolutionary Technology Breakthrough

Instead of using alcohol and other harmful chemicals, aspurely has achieved this technology breakthrough using its unique active ingredient, the Activated Silver Particulate for its World’s 1st Sanitizing Hand Cream.
Since ancient days, silver has been used for its health and beauty benefits on the skin. Today, using advanced technology, aspurely has rendered silver into active porous micro particulates which have been clinically proven to inactivate viruses, bacteria and germs. 

It has been independently tested and proven in screening tests to be anti-virally effective against enveloped viruses. The family of enveloped viruses includes the coronavirus (SARS-Cov2 causing COVID-19), SARS (SARS-Cov), MERS (MERS-CoV) and Influenza A.

Gentle and Safe for your Baby

The aspurely Recovery & Anti-Viral Hand Cream utilises only active ingredients that are ECOCERT and COSMOS certified to meet international organic and natural skincare standards, so that you and your family can use our products with peace of mind. It is so gentle that it is pregnancy-safe and suitable for babies.

Continual gentle protection

Unlike regular sanitisers that are only effective at the point of application, the aspurely’s activated silver particulate is designed to remain on the surface of your skin to provide you with continual, long lasting protection against viruses, microbial and germs. 

As a 2-in-1 sanitising hand cream, it has the dual function of being highly moisturising as well. It can help to repair and restore even dry and damaged skin. Many mothers have also used it for baby rashes which has yielded very good results too.

Partnership with Thomson Medical – Protecting your baby

Babies and pregnant mothers with gentle and sensitive needs can now be well protected against viruses without the typical negative impact of regular sanitisers.

aspurely is proud to announce a retail partnership with Thomson Medical to have its Protective Recovery Hand Cream available at both ThomsonBaby Shop at Thomson Medical Centre, as well as Thomsonbaby.com

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