Your little one can drown in just a few centimetres of water. Here’s how to keep him safe.

Important water-safety tips for your tot

Toddlers are fascinated by water, but as they’re still unsteady on their feet — a split second’s distraction on your part and even water a mere 5cm deep can be lethal.

Keep your toddler safe by teaching him that he should never go into a bathroom, paddling pool, stream or pond, unless there’s an adult around. Enforce this message by reminding him at each bathtime that he can only jump in when you’re by his side.

Learning to swim will give him confidence around water. Once he can swim, he’s more likely to hold his breath if the water covers his face. But don’t let his swimming skills lull you into a false sense of security. He could still drown if she gets knocked over by a wave at the beach, or slips over in the bath.

Safety tips

  • Never leave your toddler alone in the bath or paddling pool, or near an unprotected pond — even for a few seconds.
  • Empty paddling pools immediately after use.
  • Cover any pond or water feature in your home with a strong grille or wire mesh.
  • Check on buckets, pails and anything else that can collect and contain water. Either store them away or turn them upside down.
  • Check that your toddler isn’t able to get into your neighbour’s garden.

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