How to foster the love of learning in kids

Don’t push your child to score in school. Encourage a love of learning instead.

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Children are under significant pressure to do well in school. As the pressure mounts from Primary 4 onwards, parents face the new challenge of keeping their child motivated under these stressful circumstances.

Research has shown us time and again that motivated children do better in school. This is not because they feel that they have to be the best but because they are trying to do their best.

According to US-based The Parent Institute, which encourages parents’ involvement in their children’s education, motivated kids are more likely to:

• Choose tasks that are challenging.
• Begin tasks without any prodding.
• Show serious effort and concentration.
• Have a positive attitude toward learning and schoolwork.
• Use coping strategies to get through rough times.
• Stick with tasks until successful completion.

Conversely, unmotivated children are likely to choose work that is inappropriately easy; need lots of prodding to get started; put in minimal effort; show a negative or apathetic attitude about learning and schoolwork; give up quickly when the going gets rough; and leave many tasks unfinished.

It is easy to see why motivated children will be more successful in both school and life. So, it’s important that you put your efforts into keeping your children interested in learning and motivated to do their very best, instead of focusing on keeping their grades up.