How to make learning fun

Here’s how your tot can learn and still have fun.


Every mum wants her tot to develop to the best of her ability, but does that mean devoting hours to teaching her her ABCs? Shouldn’t her early years be all about enjoying herself? Here’s how you do both with this guide.

Boosting tot’s communications skills

If you’re worried that other toddlers are saying their alphabet while yours is still talking gibberish, rest assured. Your toddler’s programmed to learn through repetition and copying, and there are some two- and three-year-olds who can say the alphabet. But they don’t understand what it means, and this can cause confusion later, when they’re ready to learn letter sounds.

With a very young child, concentrate on communication rather than literacy. Anything that helps her express herself and interact confidently with others will get her off to a flying start. Nursery rhymes, particularly those with actions, are great as they help your child understand words, actions and their meanings. Singing with her or in a group also helps her understand about interaction and getting a reaction from other people.

Sharing books together will also fire her enthusiasm for stories. From about the age of 2, your toddler may begin to pick books out herself and make up her own stories from the pictures.

A photo album telling the story of her life is also a great way to encourage your tot to make a beeline for the bookshelf. Giving her her own story to tell, which she knows and understands, is a great way to boost her communication skills.