“Just teasing” could be hurting your tot!

Teasing is not just child’s play, it can be a form of bullying — and you might understand it!


Now that your little one has started pre-school, they are more vulnerable to the dangers of the world. One of which is teasing.

          Yes, teasing! We know it is usually brushed away by adults, seen as simply being a “children’s thing”. However, teasing can also be a form of bullying and should be taken seriously.

          “It is the same, but carried out in lighter manner. The effects of instilling fear and breaking a person are still the same. Some tots may take teasing in a fun way but it should not be done constantly, too extremely or excessively,” says Daniel Koh, psychologist at Insights Mind Centre.

          Because your little one is still growing, they might not know that they are being bullied through teasing, and might not speak to you about it as they are likely not to know how to express themselves.

          But it will still affect them negatively and this can be seen from the way they behave. Look out if suddenly your child:

· Refuses to go school repeatedly.

· Suddenly shows changes in behaviour — changes in appetite and sleep patterns, an increase in bedwetting and nightmares.

· Is unusually quiet and easily frightened.

· Suddenly talks about death or dying.

· Gets irritable or easily angered or upset.

· Withdraws socially.

· Has difficulty in concentrating — whether in school, with friends or family.

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