KIDS READS Sisters and brothers

Help your sweetie learn about the first friend they’ll ever have: Their sibling.



Troubletops and the New Baby

By Katherine  Halligan & Sean Julian

Troubletops is always in trouble, but not since baby Tinytops arrived because mum and dad are always busy taking care of baby. A neglected Trouble runs away to the forest, leaving his family to fret over his whereabouts. When mum, dad and Tiny find him and bring him home, Trouble is no longer ignored — because he is too busy ensuring that Tiny doesn’t get in trouble! This warm read touches on an older sibling’s responsibilities.


What Sisters Do Best/What Brothers Do Best

By Laura Numeroff

This versatile read — which has brother-and-sister versions of the same story — tells junior how a brother or sister can teach you how to swim, make music and let you win at tic-tac-toe. Your little fella will find out what a sibling can do for him.


Ballet Sisters The Newest Dancer

By Jan Ormerod

This story examines the bond between two sisters. Though Sylvie is too young to join a ballet class, Miss Trisha asks her to dance when she accompanies Bonnie to a session. After performing a ducky dance, Sylvie is allowed to join the programme. On hearing the good news, mum gives Sylvie a present that includes leotards, ballet slippers and a pink sweater that Bonnie has outgrown. The sisters do everything together now, even play dress-up!


Watch Out, William!

By Kady Macdonald Denton

So that she gets whatever she wants, younger sis Jane is always manipulating her family, including her older brother William. Three funny stories show how Jane tricks William into going for a walk with her, makes him into her “doll ” for a day when she loses hers, and even convinces him that he needs a bath! Will William ever outwit Jane?


I Want A Sister!

By Tony Ross

The king and queen are expecting a baby, but little princess wants a sister because she thinks boys are gross — they’re smelly, rough and have the wrong toys. The queen finally delivers, and it’s a baby prince! Little princess is not pleased, but daddy explains that there's only room for one princess and that it’s her, which makes her very happy!


Big Brother Daniel

By Angela C Santomero

Daniel the tiger is thrilled to help care for his baby sister Margaret. He helps to feed the baby, changes her diapers and even reads to her. And when Margaret is asleep, Daniel enjoys alone-time with his parents, baking with mum and feeding the fish with dad. Shows your tot how he can help out with a sibling, while assuring him that he won’t be left out.

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