Make it: Washing machine & monster feet

Cindy Cheong and son, Leonidas Ng, 4, show us how to turn boxes into fun, free playthings!


1) A cardboard “washing machine”
We know he’s always loved watching you do the laundry, so let him have a go at this chore with his very own “appliance”.

• A big cardboard carton

• Mahjong paper (optional)

• A pencil

• A black marker

• A pen knife

• A sheet of cellophane

• Double-sided tape

1. If your box isn’t white in colour, you might want to wrap it with some mahjong paper and the (hopeful) help of your child.


2. Let your washing machine take shape by using a pencil to draw knobs and buttons on the front of the carton. Don’t forget to add a large circular door right in the centre.


3. Trace the final outline of your design with the black marker (get your little one to help you “colour” the lines).

4. To make the “door”, use a pen knife to cut out the inner circle completely (see picture). Next, cut the outer circle, but leave about 5cm still stuck to the box for the “door hinge”. Or you could use more tape to form the hinge


5. Cut out a piece of cellophane that is about the same size as the outer circle. Use bits of double-sided tape to stick the cellophane behind the washing machine “door”. Your washing machine is ready for its first load!