Tips For A Healthy Digestive System In Your Child

Want to give your child a great head start in life? Find out why the journey to good health begins with a good gut….


Like many mums, you anxiously track every important milestone that your child has reached — like teething, crawling, walking and talking — to see if he is on the right track developmentally. And as your toddler becomes increasingly mobile, he’ll be spending more time exploring his surroundings, which includes his natural desire to play in the dirt and put objects in his mouth.

As a mother, you’ll do everything to ensure that good hygiene is always observed, but don’t be overly worried if your toddler is exposed to some germs. They actually help build your mini-me’s immunity, so that he can be tough enough to explore his world.

Check and Balances

Childhood is a time of rapid growth where important organs like the brain and digestive tract are also developing quickly. That’s why it is vital that he receives nutritionally balanced meals, where milk is still a large part of his diet. Milk with additional nutrient supplementation provides not only the protein and calcium that your mini-me needs, but also prebiotics (dietary fibre); probiotics; important fats such as DHA and AA, and antioxidants such as selenium, carotene as well as vitamins A, C and E.

If you want your precious tot to grow and learn well, encourage healthy eating habits because a good health starts from a good gut.