No bubba's gummy grin in holidays' snaps? SmartParents’ stylists Lim Jae-Lyn and Paulyn Ng share their secrets to smiling photos.

7 sure-fire tips — baby will smile for photos

1. Tickle your baby lightly on their arms, feet or tummy
2. Clap your hands while smiling at bubba.
3. Attract his attention with a sound like a rattle, or jingling your keys (just don’t do it in baby’s face).
4. Soft toys are a good way to get baby’s attention (colourful and soft and cuddly). If baby has a favourite, keep it handy.
5. “Throw” peewee up and down in the air — baby should barely leave your hands but still enjoy the “flying” sensation. Traditional sounds to make include: “Wheeeee” and “Upsie-daisy!”.
6. Play Peekaboo with bubs.
7. Making silly sounds or sing a child’s song while making faces.

Above all, watch your child to make sure you’re not tiring baby out — 45 minutes is the average utter limit.

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