Move your family safely and seamlessly in torque-rific wagons that offer the most bang for your buck. 

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Families come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s always a challenge to find the perfect “fam mobile” that can haul everyone and everything around ― fur kids and barang barang included. At same time, securing a comfy and safe ride is of paramount importance. And don’t forget to factor in its cost as well!


If car shopping is sending you into a tizzy, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve worked hard to do the legwork, so you don’t have to!


We rounded up some of the most practical, efficient and reliable cars on the market now. Did we also mention these value buys boast state-of-the art technology and sleek designs?


Now, that we’ve finally gotten your attention, there’s only one thing left to do. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!


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Volvo XC40

PRICE From $140,000
FROM Volvo
WHAT This five-seater with convenient compartments is great for storing your little one’s necessities. It features built in child locks in the back seats and comes with an air filter, to ensure that the air you and your family breathes is clean. You’ll like its safety features, too. If drivers are tired and aren’t focusing well on the road, the Driver Alert Control warns the driver when it notices a change in the car movement’s pattern. Another safety feature is the Run-off road Mitigation, which activates steering input and brake support to help you get back on track if it detects that your car has accidentally swerved off the road. (Photo: WANT)
PARENTS SAY New dad Ken Tan says,“I think this is the best compact SUV around today, and it is very spacious, which make it suitable for families!”


Honda Jazz

PRICE From $70,000
FROM Honda 
WHAT This five-seater sedan with a sporty finish has two built-in anchors to fix your car seats! Its Anti-Lock Braking System stops car wheels from locking on slippery roads or when you need to jam on the emergency brakes. It boasts an advanced multi-angle rear-view camera that lets you choose from three rear view aids when you reverse. By the way, you won’t have to worry about boring car rides as the digital TV receiver lets junior watch terrestrial TV broadcasts even when the car isn’t moving. Comes in 12 different colours. (Photo: Autocar)
PARENTS SAY “It’s a reliable car, and the kids aren’t bored, thanks to the entertainment available during the car ride!” says Jamie de Souza.


Toyota Harrier

PRICE From $140,000
FROM Toyota
WHAT The Toyota Harrier has many built-in safety features for your family’s safety. Besides seven SRS airbags, the Hill Start Assist Control prevents your car from rolling backwards when it is going uphill. You can also fold the backseats flat if you need more storage space in the spacious car! You’ll also like that the memory function on the button that opens and closes car’s back door enables it to return to the height you like without any adjusting from you. (Photo: Toyota Singapore)
PARENTS SAY “The car is spacious and the interior luxurious! Even adults can fit into the back seats comfortably,” notes mum of three Farizah Hamid.


Volkswagen Touran

PRICE From $115,900
FROM Volkswagen
WHAT Seating seven, this car has a big sunroof measuring 1.4 sq m, which junior will love. The Air Care Climatronic three-zone air conditioning allows the driver, front passenger and rear passengers to set different temperature, so everyone’s happy! Safety features include Front Assist, which prevents rear-end car collisions. It will alert the driver and set the brakes for possible emergency braking when it detects that the car is too close to the vehicle ahead. Carro recommends this for multi-generational families. (Photo: Volkswagen Singapore)
PARENTS SAY “The sunroof is great! It wows the family when we go for a drive. Also, the engine has enough torque, even when the car is full,” enthuses dad of two David Ng.


Nissan X-Trail

PRICE $118,888
FROM Nissan
WHAT. Equipped with alloy wheels and zero gravity seats, the stylish and comfortable Nissan X-trail is a seven seater. You can fold down the second and third rows of the seats to make more room. This sporty ride not only comes with underfloor storage, you can even lower the floor, so that there’s ample storage space for baby barang and groceries. It also has a rack on top for bicycles. Also, your little ones will enjoy the scenery, thanks to the panoramic sunroof. (Photo: Nissan Singapore)
PARENTS SAY Mum Sandra Lee says, “The car is really comfortable, and the second row is just as spacious. Unfortunately, the third row seats are small.”


Toyota Alphard 2.5 Elegance

PRICE From $225,888
FROM Toyota
WHAT Your family will ride in luxury in the Toyota Alphard, which seats six. Thanks to the Toyota Telematix System, you can even log into your social media accounts in the car! It features ambient lighting ― junior will be tickled to choose one of 16 different colours available. It’s great for families as the lower rear seat access step makes it easier for your little one to climb on board. The tri-zone air-conditioning system manages the temperature of different sections of the car independently, so you don’t need to worry that the air conditioning is too warm or cold for your little one. (Photo: Toyota Singapore)
PARENTS SAY “Getting the kids into the car is easy, and the ambient lighting excites them!” notes mum Hong Mixue.


Volkswagen The new Tiguan

PRICE From $137,900
FROM Volkswagen
WHAT Tagged as “the new standard for the cool dad”, the second-generation Tiguan boasts a panoramic sliding/tilting sunroof and a spacious interior. The elevated seating gives a better view of traffic on the road, while the driver’s seat features a memory function that allows you to store and call up individual seat settings ― which makes sharing the car with your spouse that much easier. The boot’s “Easy Open” system is a godsend when you have your hands full with wriggly kids, plus cargo. All you need to do is flick your foot under the rear of the vehicle and the tailgate opens automatically. Safety features include the “Front Assist”, which detects the distance of nearby cars and helps to reduce your stopping distance. Also worth mentioning is the “Proactive Occupant Protection System”, which initiates preventive measures when it detects a dangerous situation, such as automatically tightening a loose seatbelt.
PARENTS SAY “The spacious room at the backseat is great for all of my daughter’s soft toys and with the panoramic roof, her view is not compromised either. The Tiguan’s safety features makes it a front runner!” says dad-of-one K Sanjev. 


Honda HR-V

PRICE From $93,999
FROM Kah Motor
WHAT Don’t let its compact-looking exterior fool you ― there’s more to this SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) than meets the eye. A big draw for young families include its economical price point and fuel efficiency. It has an eco-mode, which helps to save petrol consumption by “turning the car off” momentarily when it comes to a complete standstill, for example at traffic lights. There is also plenty of legroom and the rear seats flip and fold to accommodate cargo of any size. Standout safety features include an electronic parking brake button that only releases when you’re belted up and step on the accelerator. Carro, an online marketplace for buying and selling cars, which recommends the Honda HR-V for families with children, lists it as one of the most cost-effective, child-friendly and safe cars.
PARENTS SAY Notes mum-of-one Jacintha Chong, “Because the seats are high, I can keep my 3-year-old in a rear-facing car seat with a mirror in front of him, so we can see each other. I travel a lot during the week ― to and from work, plus picking up my hubby and son at the end of the day. A full tank can last me almost a week and a half on eco mode.” 


Kia Sorento

PRICE From $146,999
WHAT This seven-seater SUV has car cred up the wazoo ― six airbags, panorama sunroof, climate control, a reverse camera, touchscreen entertainment system, plus USB ports for both front and rear passengers ― just to name a few. The Sorento boasts more than 52.7 per cent advanced high-strength steel which reinforces the front, rear and sides, as well as high stress points throughout the body. It has also impressed in crash tests. An added bonus ― it comes with a five-year mileage and 10-year engine warranty.
PARENTS SAY “The car is such a looker and I love that there are three rows of seats. Even when I collapse the third row, I can easily fit in the kids’ scooters and bikes, with space to boot,” enthuses mum Christy Tham.  


Toyota Vellfire

PRICE From $207,888
FROM Toyota
WHAT It’s first-class driving all the way in this exquisite six-seater multipurpose vehicle. Beyond the Vellfire’s imposing exterior lies a laundry-list of stellar features including a power-sliding door, lower rear seat access step for those little legs, an incredible amount of legroom and trunk space, plus 10 different seat configurations (recline, bring up the leg rest etc), so that you’ll be assured of ultimate comfort. The LED ceiling has 16 different colour settings to suit a variety of situations, and the tri-zone full-automatic air conditioning controls the temperature of the front left, front right and rear areas independently.
PARENTS SAY “Great for big families and road trips!” says mum Samantha Arul. 


Volvo S90

PRICE From $107,000 to $204,000
FROM Volvo
WHAT This award-winning Swedish marque has been leaving strong impressions since it was unveiled a year ago. Its plush interior is functional, yet uncluttered and boasts a 19-speaker Bowers & Wilkins sound system. The Apple CarPlay technology lets you control your iPhone hands-free, either through the car’s steering wheel controls or the Siri voice function. There’s also an iPad holder secured to the back of the front seats, so little ones sitting at the back can enjoy some entertainment on the go. With Volvo so passionate about safety, you have nothing much to worry about, but the S90 does take things up a notch as it’s the first luxury sedan to be developed with semi-autonomous driving. Also known as the Pilot Assist system, it helps you to steer, accelerate and brake at high speeds, promising you the safest driving experience possible.
PARENTS SAY “The interior is simply top notch ― chrome-rimmed wood inlays, soft-touch leather and a steering wheel with real wood on the outside of the rim. Wow! The only thing better than that is how smooth the ride is.” enthuses dad Kevin Sng.