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5 fab facts about breastfeeding

  1. Perfect formula In the first few days, you’ll produce colostrum, a creamy liquid packed with protein, water, sugar, vitamins, minerals and antibodies. When your milk comes in, your baby gets two types of milk at each feed. Watery and thirst-quenching fore milk is low in fat and high in lactose, sugar, protein, vitamins and minerals. Hind milk, which is thicker, is high in fat and growth-boosting calories.
  2. On tap It’s free and always at the right temperature. Just invest in some good nursing tops and bras, washable breast pads to contain leaks, a nursing bib for feeding outdoors, and muslin cloths to protect your clothes from spit-ups.
  3. Ties that bind You’ll love the close contact and enjoy bonding with your baby.
  4. Beat the bulge Hormones released during breastfeeding help your uterus shrink back to its normal size. Breastfeeding also reduces the risk of ovarian and breast cancer.
  5. Spot-on Your aerola becomes larger and darker when you’re pregnant. It’s thought that this will guide your baby to where she needs to aim for to get her nourishment!

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