Wise up to all the developmental milestones you can eagerly look forward to in your tyke’s all-important first year.


The first year of bubba’s life may seem like one big blur to you. Try to keep your eyes at least half open though, because this is also a really exciting time in your peewee’s growth.

In the first 12 months, junior will literally go from a cooing, sweet-natured baby with zero motor skills to a toddling, babbling pint-sized tyrant.

You’ll be able to help your baby ace his milestones when you know how and when they should acquire new cognitive and motor skills. But to avoid any kind of comparison with other kids, also remember that every child develops according to his or her own pace.

Follow this month-by-month development guide to keep track of some of your cutie’s most important first-year firsts. Then continue reading for tips on how to boost his growth and development

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How to boost bub’s growth…

0 to 4 months

By 4 months, bubba is starting to remember sounds, she’ll babble, switch up different ones and even copy your lip movements. Help her gear up for speech by using “parentese” ― speaking with musical up-and-down tones and stretching out your vowels. This will help her develop an understanding of speech and language production. For instance, say “Who’s a preety baybeee?"

5 to 8 months
Expect separation anxiety to peak at around 7 months. Junior starts to realise she’s separate from you and will freak out the second you’re out of sight. This can last up to age 2, so avoid exacerbating her anxiety by sneaking away when her back is turned to you. As hard as it is, say a proper goodbye to your peewee whenever you drop her off at childcare or at the grandparents.

9 to 12 months
Junior will be able to remember things that interest, frighten or excite her by now. She also thrives on a reliable routine, which help sharpen her memory. For example, she will know by now that a warm bath, a bottle of milk and a story mean bedtime is near. Boost her memory by playing nursery-rhyme games. Leave the ends of certain lines hanging and she’ll fill the blanks with “goos” and “gahs”, even before she starts to talk. Sing action songs such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to her and soon she’ll be mimicking your hand gestures!

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