A SmartParent’s guide to dressing a newborn

Here’s your handy wardrobe guide to dressing baby for any occasion, including an encounter with a nasty diaper blowout!

Question: Is there anything cuter than a baby who’s dressed as a mini-pumpkin or even a whimsical Disney character like Princess Jasmine from Aladdin? Answer: No! Every new parent dreams of dressing their little darlings in cute getups for that all-important milestone photoshoot.

Yet, many are lost when it comes to bubba’s day-to-day dressing needs. The good news ― their clothing needs are basic, so a few key pieces and mixing and matching will make the outfit look adorable. Making sure your little one looks cute yet comfy is important, follow this handy guide.


These versatile one-pieces form the basis of every baby layette. Available in an assortment of prints and colours, these cotton-knit pieces can be worn as is or with shorts or a skirt, and even a cardigan on chilly days. Babies hate the rush of air on their skin, so onesies come in handy as they have easy-to-open snap buttons at the crotch, making changing a cinch.

TOP TIP Get these in size 3 to 6 months, so that you can extend the use. Very few newborns can fit into 0-3 months for long. Don’t overdress your little one for sleep as it might result in suffocation arising from Sids (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Choose light and airy fabrics that will allow the skin to breath. Top choices include cotton, bamboo, or a blend of cotton and spandex or cotton and polyester.

T-shirts, shorts and trousers

Cute tees and shorts are perfect for the occasional outings. Keep the outfit simple, so they won’t get too hot in our humid weather. Trousers make ideal bottoms when you give your tot tummy time, as their knees will encounter friction on the floor, especially when they start to crawl. Choose light and airy fabrics that will allow the skin to breath. Top choices include cotton, bamboo, or a blend of cotton and spandex or cotton and polyester.

TOP TIP Look out for tops and onesies with envelop folds on the shoulders. They let you pull down the clothing, instead of over bub’s head, especially when you have to deal with a diaper blowout.

Booties, bibs and mittens

Cotton booties and mittens, which keep your bub warm and prevent them from scratching their face, work best in our tropical climate. Bibs not only catch milk spills, vomit and saliva, these can act as a fashion statement while protecting their clothes, so that you don’t have to keep on changing junior so often.

TOP TIP Get velcro bibs as they are easy to remove as opposed to those that come with ties, which could be challenging if you are aiming to change your little ones quickly. Retire the mittens after the third month at the very latest, so that bubba can develop their motor skills and enjoy tactile experiences.

A baby's delicate skin requires special care, so what they wear and how the fabrics are washed are important as the chemicals will come in close contact with the skin.

Click for tips on how to launder your munchkin’s clothes safely…

Wash and wear

Here are quick tips to care for your baby’s clothing to ensure baby remains comfortable.

1. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS Check the tag or label for any special washing instructions. Some baby clothes are made with flame-retardant material and should be washed in warm or cold water to preserve its special features. Cloth diapers need to be washed in hot water for hygiene reasons.

2. ADDRESS STAINS Breastmilk, formula, blood, spit-ups and baby food can leave a permanent mark, if not dealt with immediately. Wipe the stain and from the clothing and soak it immediately in cold water to loosen the proteins in the fabric.

3. USE BABY-SAFE WASHING PRODUCTS Pick a detergent with a pH-balanced formula made from the finest ingredients and has a reputation for effectively removing milk, food, urine and faecal stains on baby clothes, such as those from the Kodomo Baby Laundry Detergent, which is the No. 1 baby laundry detergent brand in Singapore and is also tested to International Dermatological Standards with a safe fragrance.”

Remember to condition your baby’s clothes with a fabric softener such as Kodomo Baby Laundry Softener at the last rinse to ensure that their clothes are soft and comfy on their skin. This helps fabrics enhance their absorption of sweat and dampness.

Learn more about the Kodomo Fabric Care Range:Kodomo-Laundry-Group-1600x900

Nature Care Detergent (in 2 litre bottle & 1 litre refill pack) This plant-derived cleansing formula is clinically proven to be non-irritating to babies’ skin.

Extra Care Detergent (in 1 litre refill pack) Protects babywear against malodor caused by bacteria with its hygienic formulae which includes Rosemary extracts.

Low Suds Detergent (in 900ml refill pack) Specially formulated for front-load washing machine.

Kodomo Baby Laundry Softener (in 1 litre bottle & 800ml refill pack) with its unique “Soft & Dry” formula helps fabrics enhance their absorption of sweat and dampness.

Visit www.lioncorp.com.sg for more information. Kodomo products are available at hypermarkets, supermarkets and retail stores.

This article was sponsored by Kodomo.

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