Take simple steps to ensure your baby’s bathtime is safe.

5 things to know about bathing baby

Getting started

Before bathtime, gather together the following things: Two flannel cloths, cotton pads (for cleaning eyes), a towel, a clean diaper, and diaper rash ointment (if needed). Dermatologists recommend using water only to bathe a newborn. From about 3 months, you can use baby shampoo and soap-free body wash. Avoid using products for adults, which can dry your baby’s extra-sensitive skin.

2. Take the plunge

Some babies hate being exposed to the air, so while you’re bathing her, use a dry flannel to cover her stomach. Keep a towel on your knee for as soon as she emerges from the water.

3. Safety first

Never leave your baby alone in the bath, even to grab a towel or answer the phone. A child can drown in just 2.5cm of water. Ignore the phone, and if you do have to leave the room, wrap her in a towel and take her with you.

4. Cord care

Don’t fully submerge your baby in water until her umbilical cord is healed, to avoid the risk of infection.

5. Top ‘n’ tail

In the first few days, on rainy days, or when your baby is feeling under the weather, you can just top ‘n’ tail her. Simply focus on areas that can get dirty, such as cleaning her eyes, face, neck, bottom/genitals and skin crease with cotton wool dipped in cooled, boiled water.

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