This pizza eatery will be a hit with the kids, while parents will love the wood-fired oven and grill items.

Peperoni Pizzeria
Address: 267 Upper Thomson Road, 6509-1575
Opening hours: Noon to 11pm from Monday to Saturday, 11am to 11pm on Sunday.


Mmmm, crusty, tasty, cheesy, it’s no surprise that pizza is a very popular kid-friendly dish even picky eaters adore. At Peperoni, you’ll treat your brood to quality, thin-crust pies.

We popped by the Thomson outlet for lunch on a weekend and the kids immediately made a beeline for the huge glass window where you can see chefs preparing the Italian flatbread.


The menu now boasts 20 new dishes in two new sections, “Wood-fired Oven”, and “The Grill”.

A visit to Peperoni isn’t complete if you don’t order pizzas. These come in three sizes, 9” ($19), 12” ($24) and 21” ($55). Order a 12” or larger pizza and you can request a half-and-half ― that is, put two different flavours on each pizza.

Truffle fans will love Chicken Truffle featuring chicken roulade, onions, baby spinach with a black truffle dressing. The pungent aroma of the truffles offset the sharpness of the onions and the baby spinach really well.


For the kids, the Bacon Miele flavour was a winner. We loved the saltiness of the bacon against honey’s natural sweetness.

We tried the Garlic Herb Tiger Prawns ($12) from the wood-fired oven menu ― the prawns were extremely fresh and you’ll wish you had more toast to mop up all that delicious, buttery sauce!


The kids adored the rosemary chicken wings ($12) that were baked to perfection – crisp on the outside, tender on the inside.


For those with heartier appetites, do try the mains ― beef lovers will go gaga for the Braised Beef Short Rib ($32), tender angus short ribs with baked root vegetables.

With all the focus on the pizza, it’s easy to miss Peperoni’s pasta offerings. Both adults and kids gave the rich and flavourful Truffle Ragu ($32) pasta with a sautéed pork mince in truffle cream sauce ― a thumbs up.


If you plan to order dessert, go for the Carribean ($12) ― the Pineapple Rum flambé, which develops an intense, caramellised flavour of the fruit, is served with coconut ice cream.




The bright, cheery and casual vibe of Peperoni was a hit with the kids.

They couldn’t get enough of pressing their noses against the clear glass window to watch their meals being cooked in front of them.


But they were also quick to find their seats as the ever-attentive service staff brought out colouring sheets and crayons.


A kids menu features pasta carbonara and 6” pizzas in various flavours. Each set, which comes with a soft drink and gelato, is priced at $14.


The kids really looked forward to their dessert ― Nutella Banana dessert pizza ($18), which is served with vanilla ice cream. Not only are Nutella and banana a match made in dessert heaven, crispy thin crust won’t leave you feeling too jelak (feeling of satiety from too-rich food).

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