Follow these simple tips, so junior stays safe while riding a bike.

Bike safety: 5 rules for smart cyclists

Cycling is a great way to get about, have fun, stay healthy and spend time with family and friends. But before junior sets off, pay attention to these important tips, so he’ll have an enjoyable ride.

1 Use correct footwear

Never ride barefoot. Always wear proper shoes that cover the whole foot, such as sneakers, to cycle. Sandals and flip-flops may not provide the appropriate grip on the pedals, nor do these protect the feet adequately.

2 Wear a helmet

Always ensure that your child wears a suitable helmet ― it can make a difference between a minor injury and a fatal one.

3 Check your equipment

Check that the bike’s wheels are properly inflated and the seat, handlebars and wheels are secure. Last, ensure that the brakes work well before your child starts pedalling.

4 Beware of trailing objects

Make sure untied shoelaces, loose trouser legs, drawstrings on clothes or backpack straps don’t get caught in the bicycle chain or spokes. Install spoke guards to prevent your child’s feet from getting trapped and twisted (ouch!) between the spokes of a rotating wheel.

5 Explain dangers

Point out possible hazards to your little one and tell him what safety measures to take. Supervise your child while he is cycling.

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