If only kids drink water as much as they do juice! Use these tricks to get junior to drink more H2O…

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It’s important for kids to drink enough water and the benefits are pretty clear. It ensures your little one stays hydrated and energized, while preventing them from falling sick as it helps to clear out toxins. As a general rule of thumb, toddlers are meant to drink between two to four cups of water, while pre-schoolers should be sipping at least five cups a day.


That being said, children tend to still opt for flavoured (and unhealthy) options, such as carbonated and sweetened drinks, because they taste better. Not only can this increase their risk of obesity, but a diet rich in sugar can also put your mini-me at greater risk of cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes.


If you’re worried that your wee one is not getting enough H2O, don’t fret. Here are some easy ways to get them to drink more of the good stuff – without any arm-twisting!

#1 Fruit ice cubes

Junior can now enjoy a cold, refreshing glass of water with hints of fruity flavor. All you need to do is cut up fruits, like blueberries or grapes, and freeze them in ice-cube trays with some water. Add these ice cubes to pack an extra punch to your kid’s water. (Photo: iStock)

#2 Cute cups and straws

Cups with your little one’s favourite cartoon character, or silly straws can motivate junior to drink more water. Top tip: tell your tyke that fun cups and straws are used only for water, so they won’t get to use them when drinking other beverages. (Photo: iStock)

#3 Reward your little one

Set goals for your child and reward them when they achieve them. For example, challenge your child to finish a bottle of water, and promise her a reward of her choosing when she completes it, such as a trip to the playground. (Photo: iStock)

#4 Add fruits

Kids often dislike water because of its taste (or lack thereof). Adding cucumbers, lemons or berries to water can leave the water tasting fruitier and more refreshing, without adding extra sugar or calories. (Photo: iStock)

#5 Make it easily accessible

Junior will probably start drinking more water when it is easy to get his hands on it. Always keep a water bottle your little one can open and close with ease. You can also get him to carry it. Kids love feeling independent and being able to get their own things without asking for help. (Photo: iStock)

#6 Don’t give them too many options

Stock up on water at home, and make it a point not to purchase other types of beverages, such a soft drinks and juices, so your little one doesn’t get to choose what he or she can drink during meal times. (Photo: iStock)

#7 Turn it into a game

Make your child drink water by turning it into a little challenge or game. For example, you can challenge your little one to a competition to see who finishes or drinks a certain amount of water from their cup. Kids are competitive, so this will definitely motivate junior to finish her water. (Photo: iStock)

#8 Set a good example

As adults, it is important to ensure that you are walking the talk – make it a point to drink more water, so that your little ones will follow after you! (Photo: iStock)