Halloween is an extremely exciting holiday for adults and kids alike: Costumes and games and candy and feasting! However, do take some basic precautions to keep spirits high…

Having lots of good, safe fun this Halloween with kids

Road safety at night: Young ones will overlook road safety habits when they’re over-excited — and the thought of candy and parties will have them buzzing. Make sure littles stay in groups, preferably with a responsible adult, and don’t wander. If your area sets up a trick-or-treat thing as in Western countries, equip your kids with flashlights or bright costumes or even stick on flashing lights like bicycle riders have, for easily visibility in the dark. Consider giving them glow sticks as door gifts, that can be worn as bracelets or headbands.

Costume safety: Encourage your young one to put on makeup instead of a loose fitting physical mask that may cover bubs’ eyes and pose a safety hazard at night. Costumes that may be oversized or draping to the floor, as well as hats and scarves, should be secured well above feet to prevent any potential injuries from tripping over (by which we mean carefully sewn up, not stuck down with scotch tape or gum).

Do a candy check: It is best to do a candy check when your tot brings home candy that could be choking hazards (marble-like chocolates, hard candy etc). Also, if your kids are given any type of candy in loose wrapping, that are unwrapped or that look homemade (by anyone whom you do not know) make sure they give them to you to check before eating them. You could do a “candy swap” and replace dangerous sweets with safer options like marshmallows and gummies.

Secure all decorations: If you are decorating your home this Halloween, make sure all decorations are properly secured. Keep heavy, fragile objects before any gatherings or parties this weekend, and make sure to keep any lanterns with actual flames and candles away from the paths of your children to prevent any costumes or hanging decorations from catching fire. If you need extra cables to power the lighting, make sure it is carefully stuck down to walls or floors so that children don’t trip.