Strategies to address the four learning methods.

How to tackle your child's learning styles

When you understand your child’s learning style — you’ll not only be communicating more effectively, your expectations will be more realistic. Here’s how to tackle each one:


Characteristics: Analytical, orderly, organised, logical, persistent, can be stubborn.
Approach: Set clear goals and suggest ways to achieve them. Set deadlines with a reasonable amount of time to do a good and complete job.


Characteristics: Independent, competitive, results-oriented, problem-solver, can be impatient and wants to do things his own way.
Approach: Be clear on what is expected and agree on a timeline. Leave him room to work without too much control.


Characteristics: Passionate, creative, sociable, intuitive, can be undisciplined and find time management very hard.
Approach: Break large goals down into small, achievable ones. Check in regularly to ensure he’s able to stay on track. Give lots of breaks and praise.


Characteristics: Dependable, calm, cooperative, practical, patient, can be introverted. Wants to please parents and teachers.
Approach: Be very thorough in your explanation of expectations. Work closely with him to ensure he understands and agrees that he can do it.

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Books from the National Library

Drive: 9 Ways To Motivate Your Kids To Achieve, by Janine Walker Caffrey (Call no.: English 649.1 CAF [FAM]).

Motivated Minds: Raising Children To Love Learning, by Deborah Stipek & Kathy Seal (Call no.: English 370.154 STI).

Positive Pushing: How To Raise A Successful And Happy Child, by Jim Taylor (Call no.: English 649.1 TAY [FAM]).

Mind In The Making: The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs, by Ellen Galinsky (Call no.: English 305.231 GAL).

Article by Fiona Walker, principal director of Julia Gabriel Centre.

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