10 mind-blowing facts about your vagina

These little known nuggets about your lady parts are bound to surprise you!

Ever given your vajayjay much thought? After all, this is the organ that makes all those bedroom romps so much fun. It’s also the same amazing body part that stretches beyond belief when you deliver your baby.

Oh, it even has self-cleaning abilities (more on that later) and more nerves than the penis!  Indeed the vagina’s abilities are pretty mind-boggling, so, sit back and enjoy these impressive facts about your hoo ha!

1. What a nerve-ous system
The clitoris, located right above the vaginal opening, has over 8,000 nerve endings ― more than anywhere else in your body. The penis has just, um, just 4,000. In addition, four different nerves ― pelvic, hypogastric, sensory vagus and pudendal nerves ― help create that incredible sensation you feel while having sex.

2. What a big…!
When you’re sexually stimulated, your vagina expands. In the process known as vaginal tenting (the ringed muscular ridges along the vagina that make the expansion possible), the cervix contracts and the vaginal tube expands, making it possible to receive your partner’s penis. Vaginas can expand up to 200 per cent during intercourse or childbirth.


In the process known as vaginal tenting, the cervix contracts and the vaginal tube expands, making it possible to receive your partner’s penis.


3. Work it out
We’re sure you’ve heard of Kegels ― those vaginal squeezes that strengthen your pelvic-floor muscles. Doing these exercises help keep problems like incontinence and haemorrhoids at bay. But did you also know that doing Kegels can also help you achieve more orgasms? And don’t underestimate your vaginal muscles ― in 2009, a Russian mum named Tatyana Kozhevnikova set the world record for vaginal weightlifting by using a custom barbell made of two glass balls attached to a safety string. Her vagina’s muscles lifted an incredible 14kg.

4. It is strong
A man’s penis can get stuck in a vagina ― we’re not kidding! In a rare condition known as penis captivus, the vaginal muscles contract during orgasm and clamp down with intensity on the penis, making it impossible for the penis to withdraw. Thankfully, it usually only lasts a few seconds.


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