Boost your chances of conceiving, stat, when you focus on these positions in your baby-making repertoire.

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When it comes to conceiving, several factors play a part in a couple’s “success” story. This can range from how fertile both the husband and wife are, to “doing it” at the right time, essentially during the “fertility window” ― the week the woman is ovulating and at her most fertile

However, how easily you fall pregnant comes down to sex ― doing it regularly and doing it right. While there’s no wrong way to have sex, some positions definitely increase your conception chances more than others. 

Which ones, you ask? The ones that create the shortest journey for the sperm to reach the egg, of course. 

Need inspiration on how to spice up your next roll in the hay as you keep baby-making a priority? Scroll through our photo gallery above to find out the top seven positions that’ll help you put a bun in that oven pronto. We even have one that’ll help you have a baby girl! 

POSITION #1: Missionary

HOW TO DO IT: It may sound boring, but this time-honoured man-on-top stance is believed to be the best for conception because you are using gravity to your advantage. Ladies, place a pillow under your bum to elevate it, to encourage the sperm to travel upstream ― straight to your uterus.  

POSITION #2: Hands-on-knees

HOW TO DO IT: Also known asdoggy style”, this move requires the woman to get on her hands and knees as hubby enters from behind. This gets him that much closer to that all-important baby-making organ, the uterus. Also works well if your uterus is tilted.  

POSITION #3: Spooning

HOW TO DO IT: When your man cuddles you from behind, it allows you to move against him to stimulate orgasm, thus allowing more sperm to reach your cervix. Raise your leg for deeper penetration. 

POSITION #4: On the edge

HOW TO DO IT: The woman lies on the edge of the bed, so that the hubs can penetrate while standing or kneeling. Just like the missionary and doggie style, this gets the penis close to the cervix. 

POSITION #5: Union of the wolf

HOW TO DO IT: While doing any kind of stand-up sex is discouraged, since it works against gravity, this “doggie style” variation is highly stimulating for both parties and can be thrown for variety. It also promotes deep penetration, which brings the sperm that much closer to your eggs. You both have to stand, while your man grabs you by the waist and penetrates you from behind. The woman then bends over, holding onto a chair, low table or cushion for support. 

POSITION #6: The drill

HOW TO DO IT: It’s pretty much the missionary position, except now the woman raises her leg and can even try to wrap it around her man’s torso. This one change can significantly improve your hubby’s angle of penetration. 

POSITION #7: Girl on top

HOW TO DO IT: Your man lays on his back, while you’re on top. While this works against gravity and may not be super helpful if you’re desperately trying to conceive, some doctors recommend it if you’re trying for a girl as it encourages shallow penetration. As the sperm is deposited nearer to the entrance of the vagina, the X sperm ― the one that produces a female and can go the distance ― is likely to be the one fertilising the egg.