Use these cool and fuss-free options to share your baby’s birth.

3 nifty ways to announce baby’s arrival

1. Social Media

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are a boon for mass convenience. It’s a great way of sharing your first baby picture although you may want to remind your husband to show you the photo he’s planning to send out — some mums are horrified to see the post-birth image that has been broadcast to the world!

Traditional birth-announcement cards add a personal touch and can be a real treasure for relatives.

2. Text/E-mail

Set up a text list and make sure your partner has it on his phone, so you can easily send out a text or group e-mail after your little bundle makes his debut. Alternatively, you could ask a friend or relative to forward an e-mail to the rest of your friends and family, which can take the burden off your husband, who may be exhausted after the birth.

3. Customise it

Traditional birth-announcement cards might take time and effort to organise, but they add a personal touch and can be a real treasure for relatives. Stock up now and once baby’s born, add your newborn’s deets and attach a photo to each card. To take a good mum and baby shot, avoid the glare of hospital lights and make the most of daylight. Keep the background as clear of clutter as possible, so nothing detracts from the baby. And don’t worry if your baby’s asleep — this is a great time to take a good picture as she’ll be still and easier to position.

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