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Most nursing mums know that the slightest thing can trigger your let-down reflex ― when oxytocin causes the breast to release, or “let down” your milk.

It could happen anywhere ― you may be attending a meeting in the boardroom, a party or even shopping in a mall when you suddenly feel a gush of milk.

Tucking an absorbent breast pad into your bra helps you avoid any embarrassing stains, and also prevents the dampness that can lead to thrush or other infections.

Consider several factors before you decide which breast pad suits you best. First, decide whether you want to use disposable pads or reusable ones.

Disposable pads are convenient, but they can be expensive if you need to use them over an extended period, and they hurt the environment.

Reusable ones save the environment and your pockets, but there’s the inconvenience of having to wash and dry them.

You’ll also want to take note of the price, comfort level, absorbency and how discreet they are.

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