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Your body goes through a host of changes when you’re expecting!

Besides your blossoming bump, your breasts start to feel tender, and will most certainly grow in size, too. Your gorgeous lace bras ― or other regular bras ― may not be suitable for you during this time.

Most of these undergarments will not have enough room for the diaphragm to move with your growing belly. So, a maternity and nursing bra will be useful as it ensure that you’re comfortable, and your boobs well supported.

Incidentally, underwire bras aren’t recommended if you’re breastfeeding, as the wire structure can put pressure on the milk ducts, potentially blocking the flow of milk. This can cause engorgement, and the milk ducts may even get infected.

So, pick a comfortable maternity and nursing bra with a soft, breathable cup, wide straps to support your fuller boobs, as well as more hook-and-eye clasps, so as to adapt to your changing body.

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