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You won’t need to travel far or splurge on expensive plane tickets if you yearn to chill out on breezy island.


A visit to a nearby island just off the coast of Singapore should give your family a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the city.


What’s more, every island comes with fascinating legends that’ll surely spark your kiddos’ curiosity. Several even double as eco-destinations, letting junior learn more about Mother Nature as well.


At these untouched spots, you’ll come up close to wildlife including wild boars and monkeys. To avoid getting attacked, remind your mini-me that they shouldn’t feed the wild animals or make sudden movements.


As most of these islands don’t have eateries or shops, do bring your own snacks, drinks and picnic mats. Do remember to clean up after yourselves, so as not to pollute these places.


Also, apart from basic necessities like a couple of functioning toilets and shelters, you’ll be exposed to the elements. So, be sure to apply lots of sunscreen to avoid getting burnt!


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