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Ask any parent and they will tell you, without missing a beat, that nothing’s more terrifying than being stuck in a car with your little ones.


The endless wailing from the newborn who hates her car seat, or the annoying toddler who keeps flinging his toys around and expects you to pick them up for him, stat. What about trying to break up a sibling fightwhile you’re trying to keep both hands on the steering wheel! Yeah, sister, we’ve all had those days haven’t we? 


Unfortunately, these scenarios won’t magically disappear anytime soon. To ease your travel woes, we’ve handpicked several items your car should have, so that you’ll be better equipped to survive your kiddo’s next car travel catastrophe.


Equally handy on a quick drive to the store and long road trips, scroll through our photo gallery to find out what our top picks are. 


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