Make life easier with these top parenting sites and apps.

8 parenting sites and apps for busy mums
Provides a wealth of information — whether you’re trying to conceive or pregnant, as well as on baby development and toddler growth. Has an accurate week-by-week guide on your child’s development.
Offers homemade recipes for babies, children and mums. Also has useful feeding tips

What to expect baby app
Get a plethora of parenting tips at your fingertips. Free on Google Play Store and iTunes.

Total baby app
A comprehensive application that tracks your newborn’s feeding/nursing times, sleep lengths, growth rate, allergies and milestones. On iTunes.

Nursery rhymes with storytime app
Highly interactive app featuring popular nursery rhymes like Humpty Dumpty, Jack & Jill and Three Blind Mice. On iTunes.

Cry translator app
Clues you on your sweetie’s sobs within 10 seconds — whether it’s boredom, hunger, stress, annoyance or exhaustion — with up to 96 per cent accuracy. On iTunes.

Fun, educational and stimulating puzzles to keep your mini-me entertained for hours. Free on iTunes and Google Play Store.

A voice-activated app that syncs with your Outlook or Google calendar to help you stay on top of your to-dos, reminding you about the tasks at hand. Free on Google Play Store and iTunes.

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