Now that baby has met the world — hi, there, cutie! — you have to deal with a less-than-svelte post-partum body… We have tips for looking better, stat!


You’re doing fine — even if you’re feeling crappy, what with baby’s feeding schedule and recovering from giving birth. But here’s how to present yourself more chic-ly so you can feel better and more together!

1) Stick to solid-coloured clothes as they tend to be more flattering.

2) Choose structured pieces that skim-and-fit you, rather than loose, baggy outfits that may drape unfortunately and highlight problem areas. Don’t go with the tight clubbing clothes in an effort to look young.

3) A long necklace will not only jazz up your outfit, but also lengthen your torso. Go for bold colours if you are daring, or try a thin gold or silver chain if you prefer subtle accessories.

4) Shirt dresses offer instant style and won’t emphasise any love handles.

5) If you find nursing tops boring, get a regular top with a crossover bodice or an elastic neckline so you can easily nurse your baby.

6) Wear trousers and skirts with a stretchy waistband, so they won’t feel tight on the belly. Pair with cute tops made with a flowing material that end just below your hips to camouflage any poochiness.

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